• Progreso has a large supermarket when you first enter town: Bodega Aurora. This is owned by Walmart. It is about a 25 minute walk from Casa SolMar or a 250-300Mxn taxi ride each way. Across the street is Soriana’s, (a popular Mexican supermarket chain). It is much smaller than the Bodega. In town there is Super Akí: a good local supermarket.
  • Local Markets: The fresh fruit and vegetable stands, along with the meat and seafood stands are a great place to buy from, however, it is best to get there in the morning as they close or sell out at varying times after noonish.
  • Merida: So many choices: Super Walmarts, Chedraiu, (like a Target), Mega. There’s a Costco on the way into Merida.
  • Of course there are the stands on the beach that sell local souvenirs. Best days for selection is when the cruise ships are in, but you may have to bargain hard on those days for the best prices!


Again there are many options and price ranges. Progreso is a real find for seafood aficionados! There is information on restaurants onsite in your apartment.

  • On the malecon: There are lots of fun restaurants for you to try!
  • There are quite a few places to meet up with ex-pats to keep your English from getting rusty! Some have live music during the snowbird season.
  • Cocina Economicas are great ways to eat for cheap and like a local. There are a few within walking distance of Casa SolMar.
  • Fine dining: there really are only a few restaurants in Progreso that one might consider “fine dining”. There are many however, in Merida.


  • Progreso has about 4 banks all about a 10 minute walk from Casa SolMar. HSBC is the one that most North Americans use.

Getting Around:

  • Merida is a 30-60 minute trip away, (time is dependent on which part of Merida you are going). You can take the Collectivos or the bus. Both are around 15 peosos. Collectivos are like 14 passenger communal taxis. When they are full, they leave, (about every 5-10 minutes).
  • Car rentals: these are done in Merida.
  • Scooter rentals are available along the malecon or on Calle 80, (the main street)


  • There are no laundry facilities on site for guest use; however there are
    several VERY affordable laundry ladies nearby. There are drying lines or
    racks for each apartment.